A Nominee service is a legal way of protecting the identity and anonymity of the company owner. The nominee director or shareholder can be a real person or a legal entity exercising fiduciary duties over the company. 

The nominees appear in the official register as a company director or shareholder, but, in fact, all their actions are restricted by the owner’s instructions and the designated nominees do not manage the company. 


Company owners tend to use nominee services for the following purposes:

  • To ensure the anonymity of the ownership for non-governmental bodies and safeguard disclosure of ownership information in case of public inquiry.
  • To ensure the anonymity for making business deals and signing agreements.
  • When the personal presence of the company director is required to conduct business in another country and the beneficial owner does not have an opportunity to travel.
  • In order to prevent lawful restrictions on deals between affiliate bodies. This option is useful for the transfer of assets within a holding company.
  • When it is necessary to extend the statutory bodies by the right amount of members


When you are ready to arrange nominee services for your offshore company, we will supply you with a full set of corporate documents including relevant documentation for your legal protection. These documents are as follows:

Management Services Agreement

This document will govern all commercial and managerial arrangements between the beneficial owner and nominees.

Nominee Shareholder’s Declaration of Trust

It is a document that outlines who the nominee is, how many shares he holds, and who he holds the shares for.

Signed by the nominee shareholder and undated Share Transfer

This document will allow the owner of the company to immediately sign over the ownership of the company.

Signed and undated Meeting Minutes for transfer of shareholder or director/secretary resignation and Signed by the Secretary or Director and undated Secretary’s or Director’s Resignation Notification

Undated Meeting Minutes and Resignation letters allow the owner to effect the resignation of a nominee shareholder, director or secretary.

General Power of Attorney signed by the nominee director

The beneficiary has the right to control and legally act on behalf of the company as an authorized representative with full rights.