Why do I need to provide certified true copies of my documents and who can certify them?

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Yes, It is even recommended that you do so. On the application form you are asked to input two company names, in order of your preference. We will then check with the Company Registry of the offshore jurisdiction if those names are available for incorporation. If not, we shall send you some alternative names. We also have a list of shelf companies or pre-approved names that we can send to you upon request. 
While you are encouraged to choose the name of your future company, please note that some words are forbidden: 

  • Names that are too similar to existing well-known brands are likely to be refused by local registrar : example Coca-Cola Limited or Google Limited
  • Names that include any prohibited word, phrase or abbreviation such as Bank, Credit Union, , Municipal, Parliament, Building Society, Chamber of Commerce, Registrar, Chartered, Police, Royal, or any word or abbreviation conveying a similar meaning .
  • Names that include any activity that would require a specific license, such as but not limited to : Casino, College, Foundation, Fund, Gambling, Hospital, Insurance, Airline, Bitcoin.