Can I use the company address to include it in my invoices? to use it as my commercial address? or to receive correspondence?

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The company registration address is the legal address of the company in the jurisdiction where it will be registered. This address must be used for all company legal documents including contracts, invoices, and others for the purpose of identifying the company is also used for the service of legal notice by third parties. 

Some jurisdictions may restrict a company’s activities to business performed outside of the jurisdiction itself (Ex: Ras Al Khaimah offshore companies). In that case, the company’s registration address cannot be used as a commercial address else it would appear as if the company was trading from inside the jurisdiction. 

In other cases, some jurisdictions may demand that companies appearing to trade from within their territory now meet “substance” requirements in order to be deemed a resident company, which may include having local staff among other. 

Finally, it is not possible to use the registration address as your correspondence address because handling your company’s correspondence is not in the scope of service of a registered agent, unless. You can however request one of our virtual office services in Geneva or London to obtain a correspondence address.