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GDPR Compliance

Offshore Company Online


1.Who we are and what services we are providing

Offshore Company Online
158 City Road, London EC1V 2NX

2. Personal data being processed and processing activities

The personal data being processed by Offshore Company Online as Processor is that which the Controller has supplied to Offshore Company Online or which Offshore Company Online has obtained or created in order to provide the services in accordance with, and as notified in, the applicable standard terms.

The processing activities undertaken by Offshore Company Online are as set out in those standard terms.

As further detailed in our standard terms, there are circumstances in which Offshore Company Online will be acting as Controller in relation to the personal data.

Our published information relating to its data security measures may be viewed here.

3. Confidentiality

Our employees are bound by contractual confidentiality provisions in their contracts of employment. In addition, employees are required to complete an annual declaration confirming their awareness of Offshore Company Online ’s confidentiality and security procedures. Compliance with any group policies relating to data protection and confidentiality of information is mandatory.

4. Use of Sub-Processors

Offshore Company Online is in the process of seeking and obtaining similar Credentials Statements or equivalent from Sub-Processors who process the personal data which is the subject of our contract.

Privacy Notice

The Privacy Notice explains the types of personal data we collect, how we collect and use it, as well as your rights with respect to such personal data.

You may find our Privacy Notice here.