Registered agents

Registered agent is another term for corporate service provider. They are the only individuals and companies which have authority from the Financial Services Commission to incorporate new companies. They play a key role in managing or administering Business Companies on behalf of their owners. For example, the owners of a Business Company may wish to …

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While there is no agreed definition – and as such the extent of it around the world is difficult to calculate – in its simplest form, round-tripping involves an entity mediating an investment offshore which will then be brought back onshore to its country of origin. Round-tripping is often labeled by commentators and campaigners as …

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Tax avoidance

Tax avoidance is the practice of using legal means to reduce the amount of tax paid. Companies, institutions and private individuals the world over seek to reduce their tax exposure – from multinationals headquartering in lower corporation tax jurisdictions, through to individuals structuring the personal finances through the most tax efficient methods possible. There is …

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